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What are some choices for door and window sensors in Atlanta?

May 20, 2024
Modern motion sensor next to an open window

Safeguarding your entrances is one of the main taks of your home’s security. But what is the right manner of securing those crucial locations? Learn about the available possibilities for window and door sensors in Atlanta and find what you ought to know to attain the most effective protection for your home.

Select flexible contact window and door sensors for your Atlanta residence

Are you interested in a flexible option that makes sense for windows, doors, and more spots? Magnetic contact sensors have developed into the top choice for Atlanta homeowners. They are adjustable to nearly any sort of door or window and operate with a simple two-component system. You have the main sensor body on one half of the system, generally on the door or window sash. A basic magnetic piece is on the opposing side, frequently fastened to the frame. Your home security alarm will trigger if the magnetic field breaks when your home security system is armed.

Many contact sensors are crafted with consideration to aesthetics, as they are compact, streamlined, and inconspicuous. They are also very reliable, but you have other options to choose from.

Protect against broken glass intrusion

More determined intruders may try to gain entry by simply just breaking windows. You may utilize glass break window sensors in Atlanta to defend against this possibility. These sensors work by detecting vibration, sound, or both. Consider installing on ground-level windows and glass doors. Cellar windows accessible from the side or rear of the house are also susceptible. Invaders are more probable to smash a window when there’s a better chance they won’t be seen.

Detection fields may fluctuate for glass break window sensors. For example, a single acoustic, sound-detecting sensor might be sufficient for several windows within an area.

Atlanta motion sensors may also watch over access points

While numerous residents opt for glass break and contact sensors, you may employ motion sensors as another defense layer. Place your motion detectors so that vulnerable windows and doors are inside their detection field. If an intrusion takes place, you’ll be happy you included this additional defense.

Wired or no wires? Recessed or regular door sensors?

When choosing door and window sensors in Atlanta, you have a couple more possibilities. One of the biggest is whether to use wireless or wired components. Wireless ones are fantastic for a quick installation, and you’ll be pleased to know that batteries will typically keep going for years. When a battery needs replacement, most sensors will update you. If you don’t wish to have a visible door sensor for aesthetic or other reasons, you can go with recessed options. These devices are practically undetectable and fit totally inside your frame and door.

Modern home security systems will even send prompt security updates to your mobile device If a device is set off, regardless of what type of sensor you have.

Order window and door sensors in Atlanta with your advanced Vivint smart home

Protect your most susceptible areas with an advanced smart home from Vivint. We’ll supply your choice of window and door sensors as part of a comprehensive, well-designed plan. You’ll also enjoy the bonus of 24-7 professional monitoring. When a sensor trips, you and your monitoring specialists will know. Dial (404) 905-1132 today to order the leading options in home security devices.