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Your guide to smart lighting in Atlanta

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Can you imagine what Thomas Edison would do if he saw our latest Atlanta smart lights? Starting from his life-changing invention, we now have access to home automation systems that allow you to control your connected lighting via your phone. Nevertheless, before you hurry away and buy the most recent system, expand your knowledge a bit, so you have a better understanding of what could be the best lights for your house.

Select the platform you already have in your home

Numerous home automation configurations are compatible with several different platforms that can manage your smart lighting in Atlanta, but it makes sense to go with something you're already most comfortable with . To illustrate, if you have an Android cell phone, you might opt for a system that functions in conjunction with Google. You could also select Amazon Alexa instead which gives you the ability to utilize vocal commands through your device. Of course, if you have a Vivint security and automation package, your smart light app will be available on the well-known platforms of Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Should you include a smart hub?

You have the option of buying one or two lights that connect straightforwardly with your home’s existing platform, but you will miss out on various advanced features. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation is able to integrate into your home’s security if you are looking for the best from your smart lighting.

You will find it worthwhile to include a hub system and associate your lights with a video doorbell, entry-point sensors, or other home defense devices. As a result your smart lighting may be set up to turn on automatically when your exterior surveillance senses unexpected developments. Or make your lights turn off when your alarms engage at bedtime.

You have control over your Atlanta smart lights

The option to schedule your lights is a nice advantage of your Atlanta smart lighting. Virtually every smart light bulb can be managed in various manners, allowing you the chance to turn them on or off when you want. You may even operate them on a timed interval, manage them based on sunrise or sunset hours, or create numerous customized schedules to accommodate your unique requirements. With your Vivint security app, you can make them do what you like and when the time is right, including dimming or brightening per a set routine.

Smart lighting is inexpensive and energy efficient

Smart LED light bulbs save more energy than what you previously had in your home and they won’t burn your fingers if you touch them when they’re on. You might increase your money savings with the help of a smart hub, motion detection capabilities, the Vivint smartphone application, or incorporating with additional smart home devices. You will find that you’ve created an ecosystem right at your own house that utilizes and conserves energy like never before.

Then expand beyond smart lighting

One of the great benefits of the Vivint smart home solution is that it’s intended to be comprehensive, including a wealth of linked devices like video doorbells, smart locks, inside and outside surveillance, integrated thermostats, garage door functionality, and an array of other possibilities. Once you have total command of your property’s defense systems and automation, your home is more secure than ever before.

Equip your home with Atlanta smart lighting from Vivint

If you want to upgrade your standard bulbs to versatile smart lights, you should see what Vivint will do for your property. Our smart home system can make your house safer and more energy efficient while optimizing your daily routine. Contact (404) 905-1132 and get your smart home today!